5 Celebrity Nose Jobs

In Hollywood cosmetic surgery occurs about as frequently as the sun rises. It's becoming harder and harder to find a celebrity who hasn't had some sort of plastic surgery. Apparently, the most common type of cosmetic surgery procedure is the nose job or as it known by the scientific name, Rhinoplasty. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a celebrity has had a nose job. There are plastic surgeons that perform these procedures with such amazing results, that it is really hard to tell. On the other hand, there are those celebrities who have obviously had the surgery, but will not confirm it. Jennifer Lopez comes to mind. From TV to major motion pictures, there are celebrities who have had their noses altered. We present to you a list of five well-known celebrities who have definitely gone under the knife for a little nose enhancement.

Kim Kardashian – here is a reality star that has had more than one procedure. However, all you need to do is look at older photographs and then compare them with more recent ones to see that she has definitely had rhinoplasty surgery. In her case, it is becoming.

Jennifer Aniston – the star of the sitcom Friends, claims to have only had this one procedure, a result of being hit by a ball in her youth. If that is true or not, it is quite apparent that she did have work on her nose. The jury is out on whether or not it was an improvement; her younger pictures reveal she was pretty cute.

Megan Fox – this is a gorgeous girl that has had more than one procedure. Interestingly enough, pictures of her as a younger woman show that she's adorable, and post surgery she is just beautiful. But the before and after pictures do reveal there was a nose job in her past.

Lady Gaga – she is a singer and songwriter that has captured the imagination of millions of people. Not only does she dress in outrageous costumes, she has most definitely had a nose job. Again, in her case, it is an improvement.

Ashton Kutcher – the star of the recent Steve Jobs biographical film and Two and a Half Men clearly had a procedure performed on his nose. Is it an improvement? We will leave that up to the ladies to decide.
It wouldn't be Hollywood if there weren’t cosmetic procedures being performed all the time. Most celebrities have some sort of work done. You can't really blame them; in the business were beauty rules they have to do what they need to do to compete. It can be fun trying to spot the nose job or the breast augmentation or the butt lift. That is why these types of lists are compiled. Rhinoplasty procedures are by no means the only cosmetic procedure being performed in Hollywood today, but since the nose is the first thing you see when you look at anybody's face, it stands to reason that would be one of the very first things people fix. Only the nose knows for sure.

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